The school reopens on the first auspicious working day of June and closes on the last working day of March.The academic year is divided into 2 terms.Examinations are conducted at the end of each term and unit tests are conducted every month.

All public holidays are holiday for the school.


CALENDER 2019-20
1Staff Sibhiram
3Subject Council
4Head Team meeting, Xth std Analysis
6Reopening day, Environmental day
7Xth std meeting
10LKG Reopening day,Pravesanotsavam
15Section Head Meeting,Cleaning staff Meeting,Panchangashikshanam Meeting
19Reading Day, Introduction of parliament ministers in the assembly
21International Yoga Day
22Jilla Baitok
26Drug day
28Balabharathi Inauguaral session
29Subject Council ,Head Team Meeting,Staff Meeting
JULY6Section head meeting, Remedial teaching
17Ramayana Dinam
19,20School Kalamela
26,27School Sastramela
27K.G Section Teachers Meeting, Head Team meeting, Section head meeting
29Natural seed conservation day
AUGUST3Sopanam, Subject Council, Staff meeting
5 to 14X th second Periodical Test
5 to 9IXth First Periodical Test
5 to 7L P section First Periodical Test
5 to 8U P section First Periodical Test
15Independence Day, Rakshabandan
17Karshakadinam, I st to IX th Open house
24Xth std parents meeting
31MTA,PTA,Sisubharathi meeting, Section head meeting
5Teachers' day, Samarasatha dinam
6Onam celebration, pookkalam competetion, onasadhya
20Sopanam , Mathruhasthena Bhojanam
28K.G Section Teachers Meeting, Subject council Meeting
OCTOBER2Gandhi Jayanthi
11Food fest
21 to 30Half yearly Exam
NOVEMBER1Kerala Piravi Dinam
7Bhaskarji anusmaranam
8(afternoon) Open house, IX th std meeting
13Kids Fest
14,15,16School Tour
23Section Head Meeting,Cleaning staff Meeting,Panchangashikshanam Meeting
28 to 30School Sports
30K.G Section Teachers Meeting
10 to 20Xth std third periodical test
9 to 13IXth std third periodical test
16 to 18L.P section second periodical test
16 to 19U.P section second periodical test
JANUARY4Open House, IX th, Xth Parents meeting
11Annual Day
13Vivekananda Jayanthi
18Section Head Meeting,Cleaning staff Meeting,Panchangashikshanam Meeting
13 to 23X th First Model exam
26Republic Day
FEBRUARY10 to 20Xth Second model exam, IXth Annual exam
11 to 20Second Model Exam (X th)
28National science Day
X th Board Exam
K.G to VIII th Annual exam (According to BVN timetable)