We provide excellent class room activities to inculcate logical thinking, punctuality and personal hygiene, in the kids. Through specially designed programmes our tiny-tots are trained to be civilized, honest, kind, keen, observant, alert, and aware of surroundings. Parents are also given awareness classes regularly.

Other Facilities

  • Hi-Tech Digital Classroom
  • Heritage and Cultural Value Oriented Modern Education
  • Remedial Teaching for Children with Learning Difficulties.
  • Well Established Laboratory
  • Special Training in Karate, Dance, Violin, Painting, Abacus, Chess, Music and for Interested Students.
  • Weekly “Sat Sangh” for Spiritual and Moral Improvement
  • Celebrations for Historical Cultural Awareness, Cultural Programs and Study Tours for Mental Refreshment
  • Vehicle Facilities.

Sreenarayana Vidyanikethan is serving as giving importance to glorifying Vidya Bharathi’s Project “PANCHANGA SIKSHAN” (Teaching of five important values) other than the regular teachings this syllabus is aiming at the all round development of a student.
The five important particulars are YOGA, MUSIC, SANSKRIT, NAITHIKAM and SAREERIKAM.
Helps students to develop their concentration and intelligence, which makes their studies easy.
Music is the mother of all art forms. Samaveda related Music education helps the students to increase their creativity and empathy.
By learning the divine language Sanskrit, students will acquire the cultural values of our mother country and know more about our great epics. One can able to purify their mind by practicing it.
Enriches the spiritual knowledge by practicing it. The children increase the maternal love.
Physical education helps the students to cultivate confidence, presence of mind, and increase the immunization. It also makes the students energetic, determined and self dependable.