Vidyabharati is today the largest non-Governmental educational organization(In India).Vidyabharati is the realization of a long cherished dream and desire of Indians to rectify the distortion which crept into our educational system over the years.

The first Saraswathi sisumandir was launched at Gorakpur in 1952.Inspied by the successful Gorakpur experiment, several sisumandirs were started in different parts of Utharpradesh and the neighboring staes.In 1977,Vidyabharathi Akhil Bharatheeya Siksha Samsthan was formed with its registered office at Saraswathikunj,Nirala nagar Luknow.

The aim of Vidyabharati is to evolve an alternate system of National Education.The entire educational thinking is based on the Hindu philosophy of life..Vidyabharati has developed its own teaching and learning methodology on the basis of Bharatheeya psychology.Special training programes for teachers of both long and short term duration are conduted continuously in every state.